Garnet Drummond

Garnet has many years of experience in the horticulture and landscaping field. Growing up he began working with his dad doing landscape work. His work turned into a passion and since then Garnet has worked in various greenhouses throughout Ontario and British Columbia. Garnet completed his Horticulture and Business diploma with the University of Guelph. With his personal and professional experience Garnet is extremely knowledgeable and is here to answer any questions you may have.


Dave Drummond

Dave also has many years of experience in horticulture and landscaping. Dave's interests led him to work construction, focusing on concrete work. With several years of construction experience, Dave has learned how to lead construction crews and complete tasks on time, use a variety of materials for jobs, run equipment and has an eye for precision. With his personal knowledge and his professional experience he can guarentee a quality job done to perfection.